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Technical Bulletin

Copies of the following reports are available from Hedley Technologies:

Korunic, Z., and Fields, P.G., 1995. Diatomaceous earth insecticidal composition. Canadian and U.S.A. Patents Pending.

Korunic, Z., and Ormesher, P., 1996. Diatomaceous earth - an alternative to methyl bromide. In: Proceedings Workshop on Alternative to Methyl Bromide, Toronto, Ontario, May 30-31, 1996.

Korunic, Z., and Ormesher, P., 1996. Diatomaceous Earth-An Effective Tool in Integrated Pest Management. In Proceedings Annual International Research Conference on Methyl Bromide Alternatives and Emissions Reduction, November 1996, Orlando, Florida, USA.

Korunic, Z., Fields, P.G., White, N.D.G., MacKay, A. and Timlick, B., 1996. The effectiveness of diatomaceous earth against stored-grain insects pests in farm storages. In: Proceedings XX International Congress of Entomology, 25-31 August 1996, Firenze, Italy, p 557.

Korunic, Z., Fields, P.G., Kovacs, M.I.P., Noll, J.S., Lukov, O.M., Demianyk, C., and Shibley, K.J., 1996. The effect of diatomaceous earth on grain quality. Postharvest Biol. Technol. 9 (1996) 373-378.

Korunic, Z., Cenkowski, S., Fields, P.G. 1997. Grain bulk density as affected by diatomaceous earths and application method. Postharvest Biol. Technol.

Korunic, Z., 1997. Rapid assessment of the insecticidal value of diatomaceous earths without conducting bioassays. J. Stored Prod. Res.

Oklahoma State University, 1997. Application of Protect-It®, and enhanced diatomaceous earth formulation, to empty grain bins: Insect mortality and deposition rates.

Purdue University 1997. Activity of Protect-It® in empty granaries against two stored product pests.

















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